Mobile Development

The best advantage that a mobile device offers is mobility. This feature is banked upon for catering to the varied interests of users on the go. While a perfectly-formed, well-documented code will not directly affect the user, it certainly would affect your ability to push out timely, robust updates, something that can be critical to continued success. A user will not care, or understand, or be lenient with criticism if an app crashes or he loses his data, no matter how genuine or good the reason behind it may be. This would be regarded as the brand’s fault and would result in the brand losing credibility. Codes alone have been the reason behind the not-so-good performance of some very promising apps.
Whether you want to create a mobile version of your website, or an amazing mobile app, we can work with you into turning your ideas into reality. We are comfortable working in all domains and can develop mobile sites and apps for every platform (iOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows 10).

A detailed process goes into making an outstanding app.

  • A detailed process goes into making an outstanding app.
  • We start with getting to know your vision for the look and functionality of your app. A full-fledged document is charted out mentioning all the requirements.
  • Screen prototype designs are then prepared and forwarded to you for approval.
  •  The development phase starts next with all the codes being added to create the app. The app then undergoes a strict testing and review phase to toss out bugs and issues (if any).