Reputation Management

Your online reputation precedes you and follows you wherever you go. Customers today trust peer recommendation over advertisements. Over 90% people rely on search engine results when doing a background check before doing business with a company. With such a high percentage of your customers being influenced by online reviews, comments on social media and ratings from friends, it is imperative to build, monitor and improve your online standing.
The freedom people have to post what they want online leaves a business in a very risky spot. It’s like they say “A lie is halfway around the world before truth puts its boots on”. With the technology in place to facilitate this process even more, it sure is getting more and more important each day to keep a check on what the latest gossips about you in the market are, lest they grow large enough to shrink your brand credibility.

Think of us as the guardians of your online brand image. We constantly monitor the internet for new postings about your business and apply a strategic approach to quash the negativity and bring the sunny side up for your business.